This is my small but growing Macross cel collection. PLease enjoy your stay !

I almost only collect Macross stuff as it's really my all time favorite show...

News & Updates

4/6/2008Small update today ! two macross II douga one macross 7 cell I'm leaving for one week to Spain :) I'll normally have many stuff when i'm back...
1/24/2008Added some Macross 7 and one Macross DYRL cel. Some more to come : Complete sequence from macross 7 with 19 cel, time chart, douga and genga, featuring Sigil and Basara sound fighting... Some sequance from macross II and a few cels.
9/11/2007Many stuff from TV show this time... It'll be all for now, seems it's difficult find stuff now days :'(
9/1/2007Back from wonderfull holidays in Sardaigne (big island in the mediteranean sea). Two cels added today, hopefully some more soon ^^

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Title Last Updated
Banner of Stars (4) 4/14/2008
Macross 7 (28) 9/18/2008
Macross fancel (3) 9/18/2008
Macross Flashback 2012 (2) 5/6/2007
Macross II (6) 6/2/2008
Macross Zero (6) 3/18/2007
Macross-DYRL (46) 9/18/2008
Macross-TV (39) 6/20/2008
Milky Way heroes (10) 3/8/2007
Orguss (5) 9/18/2008
Pre-production Macross (2) 9/18/2008

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